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There were 10 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-10 of 10

name sex sire dam colour birth year
Apocalypse Now male Radzha HanBarahsana White, Black and Sand 2016
Wis Wood Dance On Night female Arktur Severnaya ZvezdaTuya White, Black and Sand 2018
Biancaneve female Radzha HanLeya dlya Russkoy Skazki White and Red 2017
A Beautiful Mind male Radzha HanBarahsana White and Black 2016
Anubi male Richard the LionheartTuya White and Black 2017
Apache male Radzha HanBarahsana White and Black 2015
Bjorn male Radzha HanZhimolost White and Black 2018
Wis Candy Shop female Velikij TalismanBaliya White and Black 2018
Armageddon male Radzha HanBarahsana Black and White 2016
Black Pearl Queen female ZoranArsuri Black and White 2016